What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is an intense process that involves the removal of swirl marks, Holograms and scratches from your vehicles surface. These are usually caused by poor washing techniques, Such as using sponges to wash the vehicle and Drive through Car Washes that use stiff brushes that rub against your vehicles paintwork.

These marks do not usually show under normal light, However, Direct sunlight and UV light (Such as a Petrol station forecourt) shows a very different finish to your vehicles paintwork than you originally thought.

This process also eliminates vehicle oxidation (faded paint), Which, Is caused by the sun's UV rays turning the paintwork dull. It happens to every vehicle, Some more than others especially dark vehicles, However, This is more noticeable on solid red vehicles where the paint work turns a pinky colour.                                                                                                                      .miscaug2010214-1.jpg image by ajb2804_2010

This process is carried out using an orbital polisher and a combination of polishes and specialist techniques. And the result is..                                                                                                                                                       002.jpg image by ajb2804_2010 

A nice deep glossy wet look finish.